Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Awful news shot through the comics community Monday morning as it was reported that artist Mike Wieringo died Sunday from a heart attack.

I'm sure most of you know of his incredible work but for those of you who don't, you couldn't find a more talented and gifted artist. His spartan style just captured so much emotion and life, and he made it look so easy (which any artist worth his salt can tell you how difficult it really is).

Mike and I chatted several times over the years at cons and he always impressed me with his easy going style and attitude.

He will be missed.


Richard said...

Very sad news. Tim Townsend e mailed Monday morning and Mike has been on my mind since then non-stop the last 2 days.

He really encapsulated the spirit of comics. Just really fun stuff. My personal favorite was Tellos. It's one of the few books I read that year and I really liked. He was a cat guy too with some really cute pictures of his cat on his myspace page.

You seem too alive to be gone Mr. Wieringo. The nice thing is your art really will live on. That I can promise you.

rip man,

richard friend.

SedatOezgen said...

What a tragical loss! His art was inspirational and just as jim explained it in the thread he could make hard stuff look so easy!
Sadly I never got to meet the man, but I learned soo much from the few stuff Ive seen from him. even if I never was a die hard fan it kind of really hurts in the guts to hear that such a talented person died at such young age.
Rest in Peace Mr. Wieringo!

Tyler said...

Well said, Jim. I never had a chance to meet the guy, but I loved his art. He'll be missed.

Vince said...

Mike wieringo was a very talented guy but most of all he was very nice.
The news really makes me feel very sad.
I've met Mike in Paris ,during a signing, and we talked a very long time.
I've been able to see who much he loved his work and how much he knew and loved the characters he was drawing,
Rest in peace Mike.

Anonymous said...

My condolences, Jim.
I found this blog in the last weekend, and now I read this sad news. I never heard about him, but I believe in your words about his person and works.
I´m sorry.

WOOD said...

Ya know I got his published sketchbook with interviews and pages from him about 2 months ago from my comic shop and I was amazed and how easy he did make it look. The fluidity and fun seemed to shine in his lines. He was truely a msater and shall be missed.

Vinnie Bartilucci said...

I'm putting together a collage of 'Ringo's convention sketches for the Baltimore Comicon. Please visit http://www.internationalnorbertconspiracy.com/ringo.htm for info on donating copies of yours

Sebastien said...

telos was on of the few books left that had an inspirational feel to it. only a dedicated man can pull that off, mike did.


Steve99 said...

Thank's Mike!