Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Iron Gelatomettista - Style Wars!

What's a Style War? It's the newest spin on our Iron Gelatomettista challenges here where artists use a specific style to draw their characters!

For instance, our first Style War is JJ Kirby vs. Chung King! Chung is a surprise guest animator looking to break into comics and their chosen battle is a "Cartoony-Baby" style with JJ's choice of characters: Baby Spider-Man vs. Baby Venom!

So check in one hour to see the results of our first Style War and may the force be with them!

1 comment:

meek? said...

Oh schnap! I thought this was gonna be a 'Metti graffiti war! lol!

Great idea! The title kills!

And I wanna see one o' the WildStorm artists vs. a graff writer one day, though, too!