Tuesday, August 28, 2007



My art always looks better with colors. I'm cool with that. But I think in order for me to ever be considered anywhere near close to winning a challenge on this blog I'm gonna need to be able to draw and color a picture under an hour. :(

But here is my "baby venom and spidey" with colors. I want all crowns, let's see chung king in color.

peace beeatches



the freshness continues

Richard said...

owen uoy elur



meek? said...


Mr. Kirbs refuses to stay down. ¦D

Your colors always do come sick w/ it, though. This joint is no exception.


Alexander said...

while the style is inevitably 'fresh,' I do believe that it is factually incorrect (along with mr. king's) because Spider-Man's "spider-sense" would not be tingling in this situation -- as it does not work against Venom.

*Nerd Alert!!* I want my no-prize!


Shawn said...

Why not have an iron gelatometti challenge where colors are required. This takes more time so I would understand if it takes a few lunch breaks to get done. But It may give some, a winning edge. Just a thought.

Rich said...

i've voted for the kirbster several times....alas i am only one vote. maybe there's an anti-kirby coalition sabotaging every challenge? i'd consider looking into it if i were you.

Anonymous said...

Man, you are the king of the chibi-style or "baby" take on characters. I love this. Keep them coming JJ.

San Diego

oh noe i think iam hippie. said...

so sick!