Friday, December 08, 2006

Phoenix Rising

(entry ricH)

my version of dada art.

( a form of collage using scrap created in Berlin in the early 1900's) although I did do some real "work" on this image in photoshop. I tried to keep things looking pasted up. It seemed to fit better that way;

'dada' was traditionally politically fueled art that was as much "anti-art" as it was anything else....this probably has too tight a theme to really be considered a true 'dada' piece.



Anonymous said...

Cool, looks like an album cover.
Thanx for the lesson;
have ya heard about this?

seban said...

Hey Rich!!
Looks like 'am back!!
I hope!! ;)
I must say, that I had some personal problems for a very long know...
heart problems...
but I think 'am okay now...
so I'll be posting more often, maybe I'll upload some of my new drawings.
But right now my biggest goal is to
go back to business!!
Man, that's the positive thinkig!!
I think that's very positive!! ;P
(maybe u need very talented penciler-hehe)

Take care R.
BTW, cool bones! ;P

RichardFriend said...

Hey Steven I was sort of wondering if this art would pull you out of the woodworks.


I thought of you a few times while I was doing these.


I think you and I like the weird stuff more than most!


Thanks for the link.

Seban I am SO sorry to hear about your health...that sounds terrible. I am really happy your ok and back drawing. It just shows how fragile life is.

Please drop me an e mail....and I can check out your art.

if you need my e mail address again just let me know. Looking forward to seeing your new work.....hopefully we can get you up and running in American comics now.

How's your family been through all this? You have a son right?

anyways glad you both posted. Two of my old school internet pals.



seban said...

Hey again :)
Thanks for the words of support man!! but please, lets not talk about past :)
'am okay and still kickin'
I've got the whole life before me,great things and beautiful places to see!
What's bad should stay in past! :))

I've plans to go to States with my friend on summer time.He want to buy a family car in Miami (don't know y in Miami,but to hell with that)so I asked him if he needs company, and he said yes. His (american)family lives in Montana,& he wants to visit them2.

I've got some plans to draw few pages for some foreign magazin.
'am sure u saw my old pic: girl on furry beast,someone saw that drawing and asked me if I'd be interested to draw sth with her and beast, of course I said yes,& now my other friend-writer, writing sth. We're thinkin 'bout 8page story for start :) and then we'll see ;)

Once again thanx for all your help, support and words of wisdom for all those years Rich!!

Can U please write me on :
'couse I don't have your e mail address.

oh, and I don't have a son,yet ;)
But u've a daughter, how's your little princess? :)

take care

seban said...

Steven (a.k.a Requius)
How r u doing these days?
U can always drop me a line or two on my e mail address:

Nice 2seeU again :)

Andrea said...

Best Dada artist in history was Max Ernst,hipnotic and mysterious.Dear Rich you are in the right way to become a great Dada artist. Cool collage!Bravo...we want more!!!Ciao ragazzo!

RichardFriend said...

Thanks very much. I checked out a little of his art just now...being a big fan of Salvador Dali his(Max Ernst) work at times had a tiny bit of that feel....I liked it....and I am sure I will dig deeper later to see more.

After I saw the Robert Crumb movie it sort of reassured me about some things I like to do. He was very impulsive with his art.....he would see something and just want to draw it. It could something as simple as a matchbook cover.....or the photo of a movie star.

I am like that a lot. Some things just move want to do something with them. Draw them, paint them, whatever. Collage is fun and has a kind of album cover vibe to it( Led Zeppelin 3 comes to mind) I like seeing all the little clippings people mix in. Done well it becomes a new piece of art.

I'd like to try it with something less dark in terms of material and subject matter, as well. These first 3 are themed that way for a reason...and I am evolving them into about 14 pieces total.


RichardFriend said...

Seban the e mail address didn't work for you have a hotmail account or anything else.

let me know


Anonymous said...

Nah, wasn't so much this pic that brought me out.
It is weird that I may have been
summoned by your thoughts though.
Ouch, it's flattering that
ya said that;
maybe you oughta
be thinking instead about
Travis, Alex Maleev, or frickin Giger?

Would've liked this one far more
if you would have given it more unity
with a less pasted, less cheap look.
But then, that's Dadaism for you.

Hit me up if you're going to attend
the life changing art concert three day event mania of the year.
I'll be there.
And I swear I'm not Seban.


Hello Seban.
It's nice to hear your loudness.
It's also nice to know that at
any given moment that you're at my back
ready to spring into action
like a cat pouncing upon a toy...
that's just out of reach.

I'm doing well, thanx for askin.
I'm preparing to fly to San Fran
and then travel around California;
maybe fly out of San Diego
at the end of the year or so.

Hey, show some art
before they figure us out.

RichardFriend said...

I try not to think about anyone when I draw.....what's the point. Geiger probably comes to mind the most for me...

and who you callin' cheap?


glad to see you're out and about.

who thinks you're Seban? Never crossed my mind.


Anonymous said...

Well, you never know ricH.
I've wondered it myself, just in case.
But really, thought it was a funny way to fire into a segue.

Not meant to be a cheap shot.

I've always regarded Seban as a straight shooter, a real stand up guy and with an impecable sense of timing to boot, not to be confused with me.
So you know ;)

And yeah, I'm out and about, loosed.
Notify security.
Phoenix rising.

Anonymous said...

Ciao Rich!
I like this stuff, it's really expresseve.
I don't know why, but it reminds me something about Dylan Dog. That's an italian comics about a supernatural detective. It could sound similar to Hellblazer, but is much more reflexive and poetic.

Just give a look!


seban said...

hey U guys!
U're both very funny!! haha
Steven I can send U some pages by e mail,couse right now I don't have a site where I could uplaod my stuff.
So let me know and write me on

take care guys :)