Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lee - Ninja Scroll #3 Variant


Ninja Scroll #3 hit stores yesterday and here's a look at the variant cover with pencils and inks by Jim, "I like inking these on my own. Can be a blast."

Written by J. Torres with art by Michael Chang Ting Yu, this issue also reveals what the Ninja Scroll is and concludes the "Jigoku" arc. That's a Japanese term for hell.

And nothing says hell like a giant red skull thanks to Alex Sinclair:


Steve99 said...

Amazing cover. Ninja Scroll is derivaded from a videogame or wrong? In italy I see only the first number!

OneBadApple said...

it's a fan favourite anime from about ten years ago. definitely worth renting if not owning.

Andrea said...

For me,Jim is the best artist in the business. Every drawing he do is a masterpiece.Sei il migliore!