Friday, December 01, 2006

The All-New, All-Different Gelatometti!


I thought the site could use a new coat of paint after two years, so I've been tweaking things here and there starting with the above banner. Besides being a not-so-subtle promotion for our books, it also shows off the colorful talents behind the blog too. Quite a change from the TicTac design below, huh?

I'll also update it at least once a month with new covers to keep up with all the WildStorm titles hitting the stands these days. Hopefully, we'll have some more videos back on the blog too. I remember that was the one thing I wanted to see the most before I started working here, so we'll think of some cool stuff to show soon.

Right now, we're getting ready for the big con this weekend, where we'll have plenty of promo posters, autographs, commissions and sketchbooks on hand, so stop by and say "Hi," if you're in LA!


Fabrizio said...

Well... there's an entire ocean and a continent and half to reach L.A.... Sigh!

Anyway, I like the new header. A cool cordinate image is good for a studio like yours. And this communicate immediatly the cool things you do


zuperkrypto said...

Nice! I like, I like!

Tempest said...

That second one is Uber

Whats it from?

raph said...

excellent! i always loved the videos in the past and can't wait until you guys start posting some more :)

reDDers said...

nice one eddy!

meek? said...

Great banner! Definitely better than what was up before.

Have fun @ the con!

Heads up to the 'Metti heads:: it looks like Ryan Benjamin did part o' Teen Titans 41 out this week! :D


Kateness said...

I'm liking it...much more stylish than the old look. :-)