Tuesday, December 12, 2006


(entry Rich)

I am not sure what to say..The blurry effect was a lucky break. I use the smudge tool a lot and I also used a texture called of all things....'texturize'



Andrea said...

Wow,a Phantom effect. Three bodies...perhaps three ladies...the three infernal mother of Dario Argento's film.Dario Argento is one of the best horror creator of the movie industries.Your work is such a thing.He's italian...italiano like me!

seban said...

cool green dude!! ;)

Inkblotz said...

Really cool Rich!!


Anonymous said...

Ciao Rich!
Yes, give a look at Dario Argento's stuff and also at Lamberto Bava.
Strange horror movies made when computer was just theory and the mood was everything to have a good work!

Your image also reminds me about Eyes Wide Shut.
But what was the original image??


RichardFriend said...

I've always been one of those people who are drawn to certain images. Like I said. I have a bit of the Robert Crumb gene. Even as a kid I would tear out little images I liked and I would save them and many times copy them....I have no idea why....It was like I wanted the pic to be part of my life experience intimately and the closest I could get to being there was by drawing it and knowing every little detail....if that makes sense.

The pic isn't from a movie that I know of...I think it's a religious thing although I changed it around....the background was something completely different the color is changed....as simple as it looks....that piece took a long time.

I'll definitely check out those movies mentioned.....I am really into great visuals and I love old or foreign movies.


Anonymous said...

Sei veramente troppo bravo Rich!
I agree on the intimately link when you draw something.

When tribal people believed that drawing was a way to steal soul, well it's not that, but...


Ambra said...

I love this kind of dark and sinister images...