Tuesday, December 19, 2006

KirbyColors - Hulk Buster Iron Man


What up folks! Fresh Alias aka KirbyColors back atcha' one mo' time with a freshy.

Some of y'all may have seen this one before and some of ya may have not, but me and mine, we have deemed this image worthy.

They sent me a jpg of the toy, I drew the card and it was a blast seeing Adi Granov's cover with him on it. I couldn't wait to color the highlights on his hands and face. Plus the electricity was hella' fun to do.

Hope y'all like a da juice, savor the flava. Peace out.


Winterbourne said...

Awesome! Love your use of cyan highlights on the red. Really communicates volume and presence.

The lightning is cool too. ;)

Love that Kirby content! More on the way? Please?

UrbanBarbarian said...

Kirby Rules! Awesome color work!

Andrea said...

What?What?What?FA-NTA-STIC!Great work boy!!!This plump iron-man is winner...gooooooooood job!
Ciao ragazzo,

meek? said...

Hadn't seen this before... and it's pure hotness!! The highlights are butta'!


Anonymous said...

Hands are really the best of the pin-up.
But the fatty Iron-man... mmm... I mean... C'mon, Hulk can still kick his ass till the moon!

But the sparks of elettricity...