Tuesday, December 05, 2006


(entry ricH)

I've been keeping busy doing the usual nine to five thing with inking (which has turned into more like 9 to 5/ add 5 or 6 more) then add every weekend for the last 10 weeks. It's pretty much been a knuckle duster.

I've still been taking a lot of photos. I don't set up my shots or have this elaborate process for any of the pictures I take. I point and click. It's been interesting seeing the results and also the growth I have had with it. I am always pushing myself to get the pictures or ideas I see in my head to come through with anything I touch. Photography for me, is just an extension of that. I could take hundreds of photos and maybe 1 or 2 would meet my standards. Dealing with nature and how fast even something like a sunset evolves and decays is tricky and you can miss your shot so easy/.

My basic rule is carry my camera everywhere. The days I don't, I kick myself if I miss something I would have shot. Tonight I missed an amazing opportunity to shoot the full moon framed by these two objects. Needless to say I was pissed at myself.

keep it real.




Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree.
Never go out without a camera.

I like this sunset so much, Rich.

RichardFriend said...

thanks man. and I agree.....nothing is worse than seeing something beautiful or amazing happening and you can't get a picture of it because you got lazy and left your camera at home.....or you didn't charge the battery, or the memory card needs to be dumped(backed up).




Winterbourne said...

I love that picture. So pretty!

How's your cat?

Yano said...

My camera is with me at all times...I actually have a camera bag instead of a purse. I agree - those days that I forget it there always seems to be something great that I miss!

RichardFriend said...

hey some fellow shutter bugs. cool.


Yeah I love my camera.....(thanks Jim!) it's been awesome and I just keep getting more and more into photography and trying to push myself with it. Stuff like sunsets are pretty generic in terms of subject matter but they are amazing and there's a new one everyday so they're something I am always looking forward to.

Thanks for asking about my cat Fritzy. Unfortunately she passed away about 4 weeks ago. I was lucky and came home early to check on her it was a Monday and it was about 1 pm. She died in my arms about an hour later. I think about her all the time and it's really been a huge loss for me.

I feel lucky to have had her. She was a great companion and I miss her so much.



Winterbourne said...

Awww, man. I'm sorry. :(

When I lost Milo, the thing that really helped was when I brought Sasha home from the SPCA. She could never replace Milo: Milo was gentle and loving and liked to suck on fingers and earlobes, while Sasha was a total spaz who bit and scratched and got caught on the carpet and then whined for help but bit you if you tried untangle her claws. Sasha's much more laid back now, but she's recently discovered loud yowling always gets my attention. Nice to wake up to in the morning, I tells ya.

I still miss Milo, and my big old Golden Retriever Sally. That never goes away, but having Sasha around made it less lonely, and let me remember Milo in a happier way.