Friday, April 09, 2010

Wonder Woman


Sending a Wonder Woman sketch in stages done on my iPad

Done using sketchbook pro using my fingers-here I'm just blocking out colors and features

Now adding some values and colors using the airbrush tool which gives me color grads I can sample later

Adding more color and defining structure playing between line drawing and painting

Between literal and impressionistic; I like seeing strokes of paint. App replicates that aspect of painting well

Now I'm tightening up details zooming in around the eyes using a brush tool and sampling existing colors

Defining values more esp around neck and nose. Eyes are incongruous need to fix

Luckily they have a smudge smear tool that works like liquify in photoshop. Added blue underlighting, tiara effects

Adding hair as framing device makes all the difference. Chin still has value issues. Got to push the neck bk more.

Running out on my hour self-imposed time limit. Quick background done in to frame composition and use light to draw eyes attn

Finished piece. Took 80 mins. Added blue bk into neck, eyes fixed but still a bit off. Always tough drawing symmetrically. Added waves to hair.

Finally, here's my Boston Comic Con schedule for this weekend:

11-1pm Signing
3pm - 5pm Signing

10:30am - 11:30am Jim Lee Panel
1 - 3pm Signing


Sebastien said...

thats pretty cool.

Weapon VI said...

That looks amazing; iPad or not

Colin said...

Thanks for coming to the convention, Jim!! Your New England fans were thrilled to meet you.

Skull_Leader said...

She looks like Olivia Munn, from the G4 TV show "Attack Of The Show". As always, nice work and thanks for sharing.

patman said...

which sketch app did you use, jim?