Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Brightest Day 1 cover


Cover for Brightest Day # 1 by the incomparable Dave Finch. What's funny is, he didn't really seem to be happy with the drawing--too static and posed I think he said.

I thought it looked great. I wasn't too thrilled with my inks--I thought they were kind of slick and standard, in that I didn't really take any chances or experiment on it--but Dave loved it!

So there you go. Everyone is their own harshest critic. That's probably a GOOD thing.


patman said...

i agree that it is a bit static/posed however it still looks great. miki did well on david's pencils but it looks like the two of you are a perfect match, scott

Mason said...

Deadman and Martian Manhunter look SICK. Amazing cover, both of you!

mur said...

neat picture, it does look modelesk so is dc making firestorm white now what happen to having the being as the current black firestorm. whats up with that. please explain.

mongoosedog said...

Wow your inks are great.