Thursday, April 08, 2010



With this painting, I was trying to go for a more monochromatic look, with mainly a bleached-out atmosphere and only bits of color here and there. I've found that putting a lot of the classic looking Transformers in the same shot with their natural colors can sometimes look pretty garish, and fight whatever sort of "realism" you're trying to go for.

Studiomate JJ has been doing some great "big team shot" commissions of The Avengers and JLA lately, and I suppose I was influenced a bit by him here. It was fun to play with scale and have massive characters in the same shot as smaller ones.

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Captliu said...

"Decepticons, Let the slaughter begin!!!"

trustnoone said...


Bill D, said...

Jim! That's very impressive!

Thanks so much for the sketch at Boston. You rock :)