Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Vampire Pencils & My C2E2 Schedule


Pencils I did for Vertigo book called American Vampire. Scanned the pencils into Photoshop then overlayed with watercolor paper texture and then did some digital coloring and painting work on it.

CHICAGO debut of C2E2 show

FRIDAY, 4/16
2:30-3:30pm: SIGNING - DC booth (#630)
4:45-5:45pm: PANEL – DC NATION (room E451)

2:00-3:00pm: SIGNING - DC booth (#630)
3:15-4:15pm: PANEL – DC UNIVERSE (room E451)*
4:15-5:15pm: PANEL – WILDSTORM (room E351)*

SUNDAY, 4/18
11:15am-12:15pm: PANEL – DC TOWN MEETING (room E351)
12:30-1:30pm: SIGNING - DC booth (#630)

*in audience more than likely than on stage as these are to spotlight creators working on the various title


solidus_jack said...

jim you are the best
I love your work
I would like that you come to mexico someday or that I´ll go to a comic con on usa
keep drawing

Mauro Padovani said...


mongoosedog said...

i luff the lines on this specially the background and the vampire girl :D

Anonymous said...
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Batipato said...

You are my favourite comic artist, Jim Lee, great work here as always. ;)

ACDCsatriani said...

Can we buy orginal draw by Jim Lee ???
I come from France, and we love you jim.
PLease come in France

badloi said...

very nice post....keep it up..