Wednesday, August 05, 2009



Hey ya'lls, how's it goin? Hope those of you who went to Comic-Con had a blast and thanks to all of you who stopped by Artist's Alley.

Anyhoo, I was up late last night reading my 'X-Infernus' hardcover and was inspired to do this piece before I went to bed. Illyana Rasputin is one of my fave X-chicks and she has so many cool looks to draw. Since it was late and I wanted to get the piece done I just went with a simple/classic/sexy pose and a suttle facial expression.

I used Prisma color cool grey tones to render her armor. Hope you like;)


Jhomar Soriano said...

WOW... really really nice work!

meek? said...

Cool as always!


Om1kron said...

so weird, I just drew her as well over on deviant art.