Tuesday, August 04, 2009



Hello everyone, first of all, I want to say thanks to all the people that came to Artist's Alley to say "Hi." I admit, as much as the con can be a headache, I had a lot of fun meeting new people.

Here is a commission I did recently of Fairchild. I really haven't messed around with any of the Gen13 characters before and I have to say she was fun to do, but at the same time she was a little pain in my @$$ because of her build. I wanted to give her muscles, yet make her look sexy at the same time.

Hope ya'll digz.


Anonymous said...

A character from the Wildstorm Universe.
Thank you!

Muscular and hot?
Yep. Great job.

Thanks to Joel too.
Your Deathblow looks fierce.
That was back in May.

Can we see some more WSU please?

Anonymous said...

good job guy


nice artwork...

Drew said...

Nice Fairchild!

Anonymous said...

thanks guys :)

Anonymous said...

Eddie, great job man. That is a kickass Fairchild. Really did her justice. It's great to see with every picture you are experimenting and pushing yourself a little more.

Alfamehl said...

I would really appreciate hearing what the media for your projects were.. ie: paper, pencils, inks, etc.

BTW - nice work!

meek? said...

I dig the straddle pose. :D