Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Go, Speed Racer, Go!"


One of the icons of manga and anime has always been Speed Racer. I had no idea it started off as a manga until recently, but I think everyone's familiar with the opening theme song and that iconic shot of Mifune Gō aka Speed Racer jumping out of his car.

As a parting gift for one big Speed Racer fan, some of the guys here drew this piece as a "thank you" for all their friendship and help throughout the years.

I took off all the signatures in this scan, so can anyone name which artist drew which part of the illustration? I'll send a small box of WildStorm comics to the first winner who guesses right and bonus points for correctly naming who did the checkered flag!


Nate said...

Trixie = JJ
Speed = Oliver
Racer X = Eduardo
Mach 5 = Carlos
Checkered Flag = Eddy?!

Broneal said...

flag: nunez
trix: kirby
speed: lopez
racerx: williams
mach: d'anda

mangualrs said...

Trix: Kirby
Speed: Lopez
RacerX: D'anda
Mach1: Lee
Flag: Nome

Chris Tung said...

Trixie: JJ Kirby
Speed: Mike Lopez
RacerX: Joel Gomez
Mach1: Oliver Nome
Flag: Livio

Nate said...

Trixie = JJ
Speed = Mike
Racer X = Eduardo
Mach 5 = Oliver
Checkered Flag = Joel

Toby said...

Trixie = JJ
Speed = Lopez
Racer X = Nunez
Mach 5 = Gomez
Flag = Livio

JMD said...

Trixie = JJ
Speed = Mike
Racer X = Eddie
Mach 5 = Jim
Flag = Eddie

EricCallen said...

Trixie is by JJ Kirby

Speed by Mike Lopez

Racer X by Ale Garza

Mark 5 is a tough one... I'm going to have to go with Carlos D'anda...

The flag? You, Eddy.


EricCallen said...


I'm a knucklehead...

MACH 5!!

Mark 5?


Anonymous said...

Trix: JJ
Racer X: Eduardo
Speed: Michael
Mach 5: Carlos
Flag: Jim

Richard Oh said...

Trixie- Kirby
Speed- Lopez
Racer X- D'Anda
Mach 5- Gomez
Flag- Livio

Sedat Oezgen said...

Flag: Eddy
Chick: JJ Kirby
guy in the center: Mike Lopez
Racer x: Carlos
Car. Scott Williams (the rendering looks absolutely like him) :)

Danny said...

Flag: Jim Lee
Trixie: JJ Kirby
Speed: Oliver Nome
Racer X: Eddie Nunez
Mach 5: Carlos D'anda

Danny said...

Just made a few corrections to my entry about the flag and Speed.

Flag: Eddy Choi
Speed: Michael Lopez
Others remain as stated

Hope you don't take the former into consideration.


Gelatomettista said...

Hey Congratulations Danny!

You got the main ones right:

Trixie: JJ Kirby
Speed: Michael Lopez
Racer X: Eddie Nuñez
Mach 5 Carlos D'Anda

Go ahead and send me your mailing address to:


and I'll have your small box of WildStorm comics out to you asap!

Thanks again to everyone who played along!


meek? said...

D'oh! Those were my guesses, too!!

No, they weren't. ;D Congrats, Danny!

Great jam piece.