Thursday, August 13, 2009



Yo, What up people…Jeff here, fellow WildStorm studiomate & comrade in arms. Anywho, for ya’ll that don’t know me… I’m the front desk manager @ WildStorm Productions. I’m a practicing artist and I learn a lot from the other artists at the studio.

Soo, I recently had a trip to Japan and the main reason why I went was to see the GUNDAM. For those that don’t know, Gundam is an old school anime that dates back to 1979, so this year in celebration of it’s 30th Anniversary they built a lifesize 1/1 scale of the robot. I’ve always wanted to see a real lifesized one when I was a kid. So when I caught wind of the lifesized Gundam being built this year, I immediately booked a flight to Japan! Well what else can I say, the pictures speak for themselves…soo EPIC!

Also, I posted some art I’ve done recently…Enjoy everyone.

Jeff Martinez


The Dude said...

Not too shabby Jeff, maybe we'll be seeing your art on the stands in the future.
best of luck.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's cool.
So..didya draw the flag?

jay leisten said...

That does make a person want to buy a plane ticket.

Gelatomettista said...


The Dude: Thank mang... I appreciate it.

Anon: No, I didn't draw the flag...sorry.

Jay: You should go... got til the end of Aug. then they'll tear it down.

meek? said...

That is some serious devotion, mang. :D

Nice to meet you, Jeff! Lookin' forward to readin' more posts.


Michael said...

Very nice Jeff!

Yamatoking said...

Oh my god,how awesome!
A lifesize Gundam in Japan!*_*
I hope he'll be still there when I visit Japan next year.