Saturday, April 11, 2009

Zemog Leoj


Hey all, just wanted to post a commission I recently wrapped up of Zatanna... I plan to make a print of this piece for San Diego Comic-Con, but I need to add an overlay for magic and effects in coloring...will post the completed image when ready.



Shamsudin said...

oh my...waht an artpiece...seeing this one makes me think britney psears and her concert....a know circus!

luve it luv it luv it...cant wait for the color version one!

keep it up dude!

Gelatomettista said...

thanks Shamsudin!

meek? said...

UF! That's fantastic, Joel!

I like the different takes in style from this and the last Zatanna piece.


Gelatomettista said...

Thanks, meek...yea, sometimes it's after a couple of takes...when you find things that work in interpreting a character...JJ Kirby was a big influence on the way I approached her before...heck, it was his layout! But sometimes its a good way to learn new things...I certainly did!