Thursday, April 09, 2009

4 Eisner Nominations for Madame Xanadu

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When I walked into to the studio the day before yesterday my friend, and Wildstorm colorist Gabe Eltaeb came up to me looking excited and said "did you here the news?" Ironically even though Gabe looked mind immediately went to something bad....I was thinking..."I got fired, they are moving my desk into the broom closet?" I didn't know what was coming next.

He goes "you got nominated for 3 Eisner awards."

The reality is we actually got nominated for 4 all total. Best New Series, Best Penciler Inker team (Amy Reeder Hadley is the penciler for people who don't know). We also got nominated for Best Cover Artist(s) (I do ink the covers)...but that's is more a "solo" award I believe....and then Matt Wagner got nominated for Best Writer.

Pretty amazing stuff. I am very proud of the team and what we accomplished with the strong support of the Vertigo office.

I said this before, but many times unless you are a message board maniac (which I am not, I don't go to any comic related websites) once you start working on a book, you have literally NO clue what's going on. I didn't think anyone was really seeing our book in all honestly after the first couple of issues came out. I was proud of the work we were doing and that we were able to get it out consistently on a month to month basis. But man this was a big shock. A very good shock though. I guess all the silence was people reading it.


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Arvin said...

What an awesome surprise! Congratulations!

Crokis said...

Congratulation! To the whole team!

camryn said...

Congratulations! Great work

Gelatomettista said...

Thanks guys. It means a lot.


Eddy suggested I post this up. I did mention it on my deviant page but I didn't want to be running all over online bragging or I was a little tentative about posting it up here as well.

I hope some new people pick up the book and read it.

That would be the best thing to come of this.


thanks again.


rick said...

congratulations rich!

steven illustrated said...

Way to go ricH,

meek? said...



Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, this series was not on my radar.

Had I known that *you* were working on it, I would have checked it out.

Note that my tendency is to follow the creators whose artwork I enjoy, as opposed to specific publishers, characters or imprints.

Anyways, I will look for this and want to give you a big congrats on the honors.

So we can see your work every month again, maybe Time Warner will greenlight one of the following:
(a) restoring the WSU, or
(b) allowing Wildstorm to
"heroes-reborn" the DCU

Congrats ^__^

skullduggery said...

I am a BIG fan of this series. In fact, it is one of my favorite new series of the year (Terry Moore's Echo being the other one).
Congrats to you and Amy on the nominations (Matt as well).
I am concerned about the future of this title however. The projected sales numbers they post on various web-sites ( and do not paint a very pretty picture. I absolutely do not want to see this title go away, but I fear the numbers are not strong enough to support it.

Gelatomettista said...

my guess would be because it was nominated so heavily it will continue..I can't say for sure.

I know the number originally were really strong. I guess they went down 9as do all books after issue #1) I didn't know the actual numbers though. Hopefully the trade will get good numbers. I've heard talk of a hardcover although I am not 100% sure that is going to happen.

and to anonymous. Thanks for following the work creators do. That's just as valuable and important as any other way of collecting. I normally do runs on books and it's kind of been my approach almost by forced measure (just the way it is when you are staff at wildstorm) although I've mainly worked on DC stuff for the last 5 years...I still have to keep my monthly quota up.

as much as I hate it, I do like that I am always producing work and that I am always in "good" drawing shape because I can't not draw and put stuff off.

thanks again for all the posts.