Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clone War


I was a big fan of Gendy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars series that first aired a few years back. More so than the actual Star Wars prequels, I felt like that animated series painted a really cool portrait of just what an entire galaxy at war would look like. And I always enjoyed seeing these elite Clonetrooper soldiers carrying out an impossible assignment on some god-awful planet.

So with this painting, I wanted it to seem sort of like a World War 2 photo taken during one of the rare "quiet" moments of combat. This was also the first digital painting I've done entirely in Photoshop, with no Painter IX. Which I didn't even notice until I finished it.

Until next time!



Marcus said...

This is beautiful! Excellent work!

Livio said...

Thanks, Marcus!

Charles the Third said...

I really like the overall color choices, but I think the perspective of some of the ships is off.

arnie said...

the rain is a nice touch, holographic imager was a great source of foucus..

peace out

B. Wood said...

Nice shot!

Livio said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

Charles- I'm sure the ships are off here and there. I gave it a shot:)

Arnie- Glad you liked it! I was hoping people could tell what that was supposed to be.

B. Wood- Thanks!

CrackerJacker said...

Wow, that's a great painting - and that you did it all in Photoshop? Well beyond me. Good use of light Livio, you should feel proud of this.

Livio said...

Hey Cracker-
Thanks! I drew the basic linework on paper and scanned it in, but all the color and painting is entirely Photoshop.

meek? said...

Very cool, Livio! Very futuristic "trenchy."


Livio said...

Thanks, Meek!