Monday, April 27, 2009

Original Art Deck


Dave Johnson got the ball rolling on this deck to help support a local charity and now, you can win the final piece for yourself! This deck features illustrations by Jim Lee, Dave Johnson, Tommy Lee Edwards, Frank Cho, Mike Mignola and Bruce Timm. All proceeds benefit the Burbank Arts Education Foundation, which "is the only organization dedicated to ensuring permanent and equal access to a quality arts education for Burbank’s 15,000 students."

As the auction description reads, "This rare collection of drawings on a single project by this elite group of artists is almost certain to never be repeated." With less than 3 days left, you can starting bidding now and bidding often: eBay

You can also show your support by donating directly to the charity itself.


meek? said...

Whoa... lotsa heavy-hitters on that deck! Congrats to whoever wins that!

I might be a lil' biased, but Jim's is the best and most catching. Must be his magical preferred white medium that makes it pop.


meek? said...


Frank Cho + Power Girl = Match Made In Geek Heaven

Make it happen, DC!


Anonymous said...

Pretty solid. The texture's really raw but at the same time you feel like it just came out fresh from a person's blood-like ink. And it doesn't look draft-y, you know what i mean? Great stuff, to say the least.
-Spock!Mesa Boogie Yourself, ESP Man!