Monday, April 13, 2009

Livio vs. Monday


This was a recent pencil drawing commission. Always fun to wreck some sentinels!

Another recent commission, where I was asked to do an unusual pairing of Optimus Prime and the DC Comics character Death. It began as a pencil drawing, but I was asked to do a full color painted version as well so here it is!

Initially I had Prime's gun blasting out a traditional orange colored blast but it didn't seem to work with Death's icy nature, so I changed it to blue and I think it suits her far better.


Pimpf said...

your rendition of Cyke in B&W is awesome, it's one of my fave characters from Comics, and the scene is really awesome, with the head of the sentinel destroyed on the left, it really show the result of a huge fight scene. Amazing.

Livio said...

Thanks, Pimpf! Glad you liked it.

meek? said...

You're just knockin' the Transformers pieces out the park, Livio!

If IDW was smart, they'd swoop you for cover gigs on the side.

Lo'e the choice of the cool-colored blast. Bunsen burner-like flames/effects make blasts look more special.


Livio said...

Thanks a lot, Meek!

I would love to do some Transformers covers, but sadly they are a license at a competing company so I'm sure it's not happening anytime soon!:)

meek? said...

D'oh! >.<

Well, I'm glad we can enjoy your TF work here and in prints. Keep up the great work, sir!


Anonymous said...

I'm about to say that underground comics has never been so good. But there's still Watchmen. So...

-Spock!Mesa Boogie Yourself, ESP Man!