Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Soundwave Superior


Hey everyone,

Just as we're settling back into work after the craziness of the New York City Comic-Con, we're about to hit San Francisco for WonderCon next week! Personally I can't wait for the show since I lived in the city for almost three years and still have some great friends there. So if you're planning to attend the show, be sure to stop by and say hello!

The above piece began as a pencil drawing that I did in anticipation for the NYC show. The original has since been sold and is now in the hands of a fellow Transformers fan. But since I really enjoyed doing the initial drawing, I wanted to take a crack at digitally painting it in full color.

This one went through some major palette changes along the way. I always knew I wanted Soundwave and Co. to be emerging from some hazy environment, and it ranged from a snow drift to black smoke before eventually settling on the colors its got now.

Hope you enjoy, and maybe I'll see some of you guys at WonderCon!



albert said...

Nicely done, Livio!

I'm going to show up to WonderCon, sweep all your prints off your table, and yell "WHAT THE FUCK?!" at you.

Livio said...

Thanks for the warning, Albert:) I'll be sure to hide a baseball bat under our table!

pablo pablo said...

Great works!

Livio said...

Thanks, Pablo!

DC said...

Love it. Especially the light coming from his cassette deck. And that's one of the better poses I've seen for Rumbler.

Captliu said...

Awesome as always Livio. You should try doing one with Blaster and his cassettes

Livio said...

Hey Captliu,
Maybe I should! I was thinking of doing Devastator next..

Captliu said...

Devastator vs Defensor.... with the backdrop of a ruined Autobot City. Like the Transformers movie ( not Michael Bay's version) LOL

meek? said...

Mang! Just when I thought it couldn't get hotter... it does.

I second Blaster and his cassettes! It'd make a nice "bookend" piece. And when folks buy the Soundwave colored print... they'll just *HAVE* to buy the sure-to-be-amazing complementary Blaster piece! Everybody wins! ;D


Livio said...

Thanks, Meek!

Maybe I should do a Blaster piece after all. I literally have never drawn him or his tapes, so it might be nice to change it up!

Captliu said...

I didn't think my recommendation of Blaster and is cassettes got so much hype. You are the man, Livio.