Monday, February 23, 2009

gelatometti - WonderCon 2009


This weekend's WonderCon in San Francisco and we'll be there in our own gelatometti booth! Stop by #1348 near Artist's Alley to meet:

Joel Gomez
JJ Kirby
Jim Lee
Michael Lopez
Eddie Nuñez
Livio Ramondelli

Jim will also have a table in Artist's Alley at #AA125 too.

WonderCon's one of the best conventions around, so we're all excited to be back in San Francisco and will also have some surprises with us throughout the show.

You can also follow Jim on his Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest info.

Lmk if anyone has any good eats recommendations too. Seeya in San Francisco!


meek? said...

I'm a fan of OSHA Thai...

And I get my easy-access gelato fix @ Melt in the bottom of the SF Shopping Center...

Both are around con area. Have fun, y'all!!


CarbonIV said...

1. Swan Oyster Depot

Always crowded and place is small as heck.

2. San Francisco Burrito for a quick bite:

3. Japan Town always fun to go to for some good sushi, Ramen or Soba. Atmosphere here in the afternoon is always nice. Whenver I'm in Japan town I always stock up on snacks and car air fresheners (esp. at the discount store).

4. House of Prime Rib for umm.. Prime Rib.