Monday, February 02, 2009



I always love working over sketches or commissions because there's more of a rawness and/or fearlessness to that work. We as artists tend to experiment or let loose with them, including Jim--though his sketches tend to be waaaay better than most people's panel work. I use opportunities like these to try new style's or approaches to his art and this was no exception.

Last sketch we did was mostly cool tones so I thought I would do an orange moon and sky for extra drama and to pop him. I loved the Dark Knight film and that helped fuel my inspiration for this piece.

Wouldn't it be cool to see a Jim Lee DK Joker? Cough-hint-hint-cough!!



Gelatomettista said...

Hot-diggity! Man, that looks awesome Sinc! I loved the original when I saw it...this is sik!

Anonymous said...

great art!
will this be the look from the new Batman after the battle for the cowl...... :);)

.... good idea, or?

Cody said...

cough-make a print and sell it-cough.

Seriously, I would so snatch that up in a heartbeat! Great work, as always.

david benzal said...

cool work!!
you have amazing technic.
If you do not mind link your site on my blog.
See you!

Roz@Aspen said...

Looks phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

Jim is incredible. Maybe the best artist to emerge publicly, in the post Michelangelo era.

Z said...

can you imagine that piece as the cover for the dvd. would be so awesome.

Anonymous said...

That's what All Star Batman SHOULD look like! Matter of fact the whole book should've been like that movie!
Damn Frank Miller, Jim Lee Rocks! Amazing collab guys, like I need to say it.

meek? said...

Sinc' never disappoints!

And that's how Bruce Wayne's successor might as well look like.


daly city steven said...

dang jim, this was a refreshingly jawdropping piece. very impressive. great to see the art juices are flowin'! please keep it up!

good health to you and your family in the year to come,
steven lim
daly city, ca usa

Anonymous said...

perspective is off on the buildings.


Anonymous said...

Interesting piece. It's always nice to see different stuff from the gelatometti crew.

Anonymous said...

hi from peru!
jim lee, more videos on youtube pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!

Drew said...