Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Artist's Alley, K1-K7


Most of us will be flying out through JetBlue today, love the personal tv and blue potato chips, so we'll be well rested before Friday morning when the show starts.

We'll be seated in Artist's Alley, K1-K7, so hopefully, we'll see you there:

Jim Lee
Scott Williams
Eddie Nuñez
Carlos D'Anda
Joel Gomez
Sandra Hope
JJ Kirby
Michael Lopez
Oliver Nome
Livio Ramondelli
Alex Sinclair

And to answer an earlier question, Jim will also be signing at the DC booth througout the convention, along with the Comic Con's own autograph area.

Personally, I'm looking forward to hanging out with some good friends and tracking down a nice copy of Superman #32.


meek? said...

I'm doin' JetBlue tonight, too. ;D

Have fun, y'all!


Anonymous said...

can't open the picture from Superman #32..... access denied

Anonymous said...

One of these links should work:

Clark said...

None of those are drawn by Jim Lee or Scott Williams.


Richard Oh said...

Good hanging out with the Wildstorm crew! Hope you guys got back safe!

Ryan Burton said...

Jim and Sinc'--good seeing you too, as always. Carlos--great to meet a fellow El Pasoan. Keep on keepin' on fellas.

-Ryan B.