Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Savage Swords


Hello everyone, I have always wanted to do a jam piece and I finally got the opportunity to do so. Here is a piece that I collaberated with the one and only Mr. JJ Kirby.

At first, we were debating on what characters to fresh out and we decided to keep it old school, so we went with Conan and the She Devil herself, Red Sonja. At the same time, we wanted to approach them in a new way, so JJ came up with the idea of doing the characters in a sort of Body Bags-style alá Jason Pearson. I am pretty happy with the way this piece turned out, not to mention that JJ hooked it up on the inks.

For anyone interested, I'm also currently available to do commissions. To check out some of my other stuff, you can head over to Comic Art Fans and see what I have there (look for the Eduardo Nuñez portfolio) OR you can also head on over to Mia Cabrera and peep more samples of my work there!



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Fabrizio said...

Ahahaha!! Damn cool!