Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Savage Swords - Color!


The return of KirbWonder aka KirbyColors aka yo man 50 grand hollerin' atcha about the ill callabo tween my man and I Mister E. Nuñez. I love to jam with other artists and the chance to work with the Nuzer' provided itself. If ya didn't know, I also love to color so you best believe I had to show my behind on this one.

We'll have prints at Comic-Con for sale and the original is still up for grabs. I hope you nice people dig the harmonious styles laid down, we did! :)



John said...

lookin' good, fellas


by crom, even better!

btw can anyone convince pearson to continue body bags?

Anonymous said...

JJ where is the original up for sale at? Ebay?

alejandro said...

cant even color our cloak and dagger ;P