Monday, July 14, 2008

...a Commission a day, keeps those bills paid...


Hello again ya'lls. Like I mentioned on my last post, Comic-Con has almost arrived and like everyone else here, I've been getting my hustle on! Here are another few pieces I did for the show.

Spidey was for the very cool Simon from France and Cloak and Dagger I did for fun. I luv doing these commissions for fans because it gives me a chance to draw characters that I've never drawn before or might not get to draw professionally untill I actually get on that particular title...(the money's a nice motivation too;)

Anyhoo, if interested hit me up and all the proceeds go to my "S.H.E.D." (support high end designers) fund.

Thnx and hope u like.


Kevin said...

what are you charging for say a pencil drawing or pen/ink drawing?

GTJDorris said...

Damn, that New York City background of the Spidey piece is gnarly. I love working MJ into any scene (I don't care what they say, they're still married in my book).

And that Cloak and Dagger piece is rad too. It's a shame they weren't more interesting characters story wise because visually they've always been stunning. Cloak always gives way to these gnarly patterns and improbably designs that leave so many possibilities open. I think you've nailed a really cool composition in this.

Nome, I think this is some of my favorite stuff of your's that I've ever seen, to be honest. Very very cool, and hopefully we'll see more since this blog has been a wee bit anemic in recent weeks/months. We crave content!

Take care, be well.

-- Jonathan

tkincher said...

I don't usually feel the need to comment, but these are amazing! Nicel

danielpicci said...

what everyone else said!

just amazing.... nice work oliver!


danielpicci said...

what everyone else said!

just amazing.... nice work oliver!


SCBD said...

Holy @%&! that Cloak and Dagger is absolutely gorgeous!