Monday, November 12, 2007

Iron Gelatomettista Champ - Dan Panosian!

Soooo.....I would like to congratulate Dan "The Urban Barbarian" Panosian for winning by a landslide and slaughtering me, Oliver "The Iron Lotus" Nome. Thanks to all of you who voted for your fave and thanks to those who had kind words for a newbie like me:)

These "Iron Gelatomettista" battles are always a fun challenge and I can't wait till my next one.

Untill then.....Oliver

Thanks Oliver! It was a real treat to be a part of the action!

Looking at my piece now I think you really nailed the look of the character! Mine could actually be a cross between Kusanagi and Black Widow...! Let's just say it was quite an intense hour! Thanks for the kind words and votes everyone!

Years ago I did a bit of work for Wildstorm and always looked forward to visiting the studio! You know how they always make it seem like one big happy artist party over there? Well, it actually is! Between the great staff and in-house art teams you can't help but enjoy yourself!

Go Wildstorm!!!




like you didn't see that one coming


kemoshaw said...

Congrats Dan!!!! great job time....congrats on a good job......

Drew said...

Dan rocks! Can't tell you how happy I was that Dan did the first half of my Taboo two-parter in the WildStorms! anthology back in... geez, '96? Sweet art, indeed.
all best,
Drew Bittner