Sunday, January 22, 2006


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My boys made it! Gotta say I'm still in shock, but boy does it feel great! Just one more game!



Sinc' said...

Aggh. As a Cowboy fan, I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I will be rooting for the Steelers in a Super Bowl. No likey Holmgren so I will be cheering the Steel curtain on. Sorry, Garza, I won't wear black and yellow. Looks good on you tho...;)


Inkblotz said...
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Inkblotz said...

Hey Sinc'

I have always loved your colors and now that I know your true colors are Silver, Blue and White I like 'em even better ;)

Yea I like the Steelers and will be rooting for them too. But one day the Cowboys will make it to the Superbowl again and I will still be a Cowboys fan through the tough times till they do :)


Andreas said...

This might be a game that will live up to the name Super Bowl. Congrats on your boys making the big game. I am happy to have a down home country boy from Alabama in the game. Roll Tide.

epic said...

That was a really good game too, man.
2nd youngest QB in the history to take a team to the Superbowl, eh?
Not too shabby.

Sinc' said...

inkblotz, good to hear there's still some Cowboy fans out there. Hope Parcells sticks around 'cause he's been great for the team, especially since I stopped hearing about Jerry Jones once he got hired as coach!

PS-happy to hear you like my work :)

Inkblotz said...

Yea one of these days I will actually make it to a Game. I live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area :P

Yea I am gald that Parcell's signed a 2 year extension. I think that he will take them all the way before he leaves (at least I hope so)


Gabe_Eltaeb said...


I"m a Denver fan :(

ccaprile said...

Growing up and living in Washington state made me a lifelong Seahawks fan, although I gotta admit that yesterday's game was the first I've watched in like three years. Still it brought me back to my childhood when I used to wish we would make it to the Superbowl. So in two weeks I'll be Superfan #99 for the hawks, who, if they play like they did Yesterday, will show 'em all who the best is.
By the way, thanks for posting something new. It's been pretty slow here for a while, and I kinda miss you guys.


Dave Cummings said...

I'll be rooting for the Steelers, though they beat my boys (the Colts) a couple of weeks ago. Correction, the Colts beat themselves.

Granted, the Colts may have been going if they didn't make the decision to rest our starters for a couple of weeks to avoid the chance of hurting them. Or if Tony's son didn't kill himself. Or the big if, if Payton wouldn't fricking choke in a playoff game (which he seems to do alot). That and the fact that one of the starters also was stabbed in the leg the night before by his wife (but still played)

Then maybe my guys would of been going.

But hey, go Steelers because I hate the Seahawks with a passion (but not more than the Patriots, at least I don't have to hear them go on about how fricking great Tom Brady is).

I think the Steelers are going to win anyway. The Seahawks didn't impress me when they played against Indianapolis and barely beat Indy (and this was against Indy's 2nd and 3rd stringers, since most of them were either not there or resting).


Yano said...'s not da Bears in the game so the Superbowl, once again, means nothing to me this year except as a day to eat a lot of chips and dip and mini hotdogs in blankets.

...oh, and to see some good commercials, too.

dxinoneman2 said...

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technogreek said...

Tried and true, Seattle Blue. I gotta say, with my boys making it to the Super Bowl for the first time ever, I'm thinking it's gonna be their game dude!

Either way, I'm expecting a bangin' game!