Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hey yo everybody!

Hey yo everybody!
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Hey guys it's been awhile :D ! Just wanted to let you all know I hadn't forgotten about you! The holidays, and work, have just had me super occupied. Anyways just wanted to drop a couple quick notes.

First off, I have some Skye Runner stuff that I'll soon be able to share with you guys very soon! It's just a matter of getting it all together! Also I have some Iron Gelato stuff in the works! It'll be tough to top our last set, but I think I might have some good ideas ;) !

Con season is starting as well! Look for me and some of the crew at next month's Wondercon in San Francisco, and then New York later in the month. This year already has provided some delightful challenges, and changes that's got me super excited!

The above art is just something out of the sketchbook. My good friend, and artist supreme, Mark Brooks, is the current artist on Marvel's New X-Men. So, reading his book got me a little inspired to crank out an X-23. She's a pretty cool character to draw, and I just wanted to give it a shot!

With that, expect me to be more regular on here. Next week I should have some more exciting stuff to post about! Peace!

" rrrrico....suaaavveeee" WOOT!WOOT!


Danger said...

Im digging the X23 sketch very very much. Looks so dangerous, and yet so lovely. Good stuff.

Regarding the con situation, how about making a trip to Vancouver, eh eh? We've got nice.... views.... but not so much weather right now :)

Tyler Wilken said...
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Tyler Wilken said...

Some of the guys ehh? Care to share who else? Anywho despite who goes I'll be there to get some schwag signed. See ya in Feb.


Ben-Ohki said...

I'm not big on X23 or anything X-people lately, but I'm digging the sketch. Those eyes ...sensual... and deadly. I like!

Jon Tsuei said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Wondercon. Last year you were the lone Wildstormer, Ale. Maybe with a larger crew you won't be stuck next to the internet hotties...wait a minute, hopefully you will be next to them again, lol! See ya in Feb.

Batgirls--itch said...

Whenever you post it always looks sharp. Thanks.
Don't like the direction of what's been going on with Batgirl since you left. You lines and images made that book. Saw the TPBs.
Are you still going to work with Wonderwoman? While in SF for Wondercon check out:

UrbanBarbarian said...

Ale, you're stuff always rocks! Great energy and charm!

nicolas said...

Really nice one, I dig this character.

Good Job!

Gabe_Eltaeb said...

Cool Pic

Your Steelers are going down to my Broncos.

nickbaltagi said...

Ale, please contact me off the list at regarding a commission. Thanks.

sisconda said...

Awesome! Look forward to seeing you at Wondercon!

Bruno Xavier said...

Wonderful, my friend! The style that the claws of it represent, for the fact to be only two, instead of the three of Logan, simply is what express the soul of the character, to mine to see! She is pretty, congratulations!