Tuesday, January 24, 2006

America's Next Top Comic Artist!!!!!

There are BIG things going on at Wildstorm this year and you could be a part of it!

Beginning at the Wizard World LA show in March, Wildstorm's opening their doors again to find the next talented guy or girl to join our studio!

In year's past, we've had many talented creators come through the door including, Travis Charest, J. Scott Campbell, Aron Wiesenfeld and Lee Bermejo just to name a few! Even most of the Gelatometti crew here started off as interns like, Alé Garza, Carlos D'Anda, and Scott Iwahashi, so sharpen those pencils and get your work ready for the big show!

We'll be there reviewing portfolios and maybe even hiring someone right there on the spot. Who knows, anything could happen!

And even if you're not looking to join the wild world of comics, stop by and say "Hi!"

UPDATED: Official Rules and Sample Script available at:



jrsorrell said...

Hey Jim,

This sounds like an amazing opportunity! One concern though...I was wondering if there was any hope for those who can't make it to Wizard World LA?

Thanks and God Bless,

p.s. I sent you my new sample portfolio in the mail today...I hope you get a chance to take a look.

Dave Cummings said...

Yeah, I was wondering about that as well. If there is a way to take part in this if you cannot make it to any of the cons (though Wizardworld Chicago is a possibility)?


Inkblotz said...

Any chance you would be looking for others besides pencilers?

Like colorists for example?

Also are you gonna still be looking come the SDCC?



Jon Tsuei said...

Awesome opportunity for the potential artists out there. Good luck to everyone out there!

How do us potential writers go about making a submission to WS? ^_^

Ale Dangerous said...

we will be carrying the contest through some of the other wizard shows that we attend through the year. :)


Kateness said...

we will be carrying the contest through some of the other wizard shows that we attend through the year. :)

Will you be doing the same at SDCC? Or only Wizard shows?

seban said...

Great opportunity!!
But damn I live in Poland!!


RICH: I've just came back from my long hollidays in Austria!
I'll send the shit asap!

Bruno Xavier said...

God! I would make any thing to my reach, if the chance was not only for internal penciler... I live in South America-(Brazil) and unhappyly for me, I am one to less in the list! Good luck to that ones who has the chance to be in California in this instant! But WildStorm is the dream of my life and one day I will deserve my place to the sun! ^_^ God helps me! Hehehe

jrsorrell said...

For those interested in this contest I'd check out this LINK for the details.

epic said...

That sounds great, but I'm just gonna have to try it the old fashined way..:\
17..too young to get to LA..
Unless you guys wanna pay Louisiana a visit.
Yeah, didn't think so.
Can't blame you.
But hell I got into an art college..so I'm one step closer.
Can't wait to see what this contest turns up.

Kateness said...

So it's only taking palce at the LA and Philly cons? Curses...I was hoping it might be for the Chicago one too, since that's the one closest to me...

Ariel Aguire said...

YES!!!!!!!What a great opportunity! I am SO there! Let's all try our best here, and GOOD LUCK to everyone!

- Ariel

General Chang said...

uh 10 an hour paid internship sounds good, but would you have to get a second job to live there.....

or could I sleep under my desk/broom closet??

lobocomics said...

well count me in as one of those who can´t make it to L.A...I live in Mexico... It´s closer than Poland, but even so very dificult to make it....this is a great oportunity, and let´s hope you guys open some sort of mail for us foreigners to send our samples.

Anyway. I just downloaded the script, let´s get to work

Canadian_Desi said...

Jim & Company:

I have traveld from Toronto to meet you at the 2005 Chicago Comic Con, and I willing to travel again fo rthis contest, But it seems that it is only open to US Cetizens.

Is ther anyway that I can still apply?


Emerald KujOh! said...

Man .... to bad I can't attend the con. I'm in Surabaya, don't have enough money to go to Chicago :(