Friday, January 27, 2006

Wildstorm...takin' it to tha streets!

Check below and maybe we'll see you soon!

Jim Lee, Lee Bermejo, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Gabriele Dell'Otto
Jan. 26-29 - Angouleme
Jan. 30 - Album Comics Bercy
Jan. 31 - Album Comics Velicy

Alé Garza
Feb. 10-12 - WonderCon

Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Lee Bermejo, Carlos D'Anda, Alé Garza, Sandra Hope
Feb. 24-26 - New York Comic-Con

Jim Lee, Carlos D'Anda, Richard Friend, Alé Garza
March 17-19 - Wizard World LA

Carlos D'Anda, Alé Garza
April 1-2 - Emerald City ComiCon

And here's a peek at some sketches done recently at Album Comics in Paris, France.


Elayne said...

Wow, so many of you in New York next month! I'm really starting to look forward to this convention!!

GoingNuckinFuts said...

Just wondering for the new york comic con...are you guys going to be there sunday?? cause I know sunday is sometimes forgotten about or skipped.

Vince said...

Excellent ! We'll meet at Velizy !!!!!! Yahoooo !!!

Jon Tsuei said...

Great line up. I'll be at both Wondercon and New York Comic-Con this year. Looking forward to both events.

I saw those sketches over at Jim's MSN group, simply amazing work!

ccaprile said...
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ccaprile said...

Carlos and Ale, coming to Washington?!? We hardly ever get people up here that I'd drive two and a half hours to meet. I can't wait!

jrsorrell said...

The New York con keeps looking better and better!

God Bless,

Nick Mueller said...

AAAHHH I dont live any where close to those areas!

Kevin said...

We need to get you guys up North to Vancouver!

Fogger said...

Woo-hoo - most of the crew will be at the NYC show! I'm there! :)

bat2supe said...

The Gellatomettisttas in Paris: Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
I hope I could be at Bercy


Hicham said...

Hi Guys! this is Hicham From Album Bercy a Paris.
just wanted to thank you all for coming, i can say i had a great time meeting you!
hope we'll have the opportunity to welcome you again next year, keep up the marvelous work & spirit.
Cammo : beware those chocolate bears they bite hard!! heh
well till next time, Cheers!!

john said...

hey ale,

you cats going to coachella again this year? i'm coming all the way from ohio, fool