Wednesday, November 26, 2008



A "doofer" is a piece of folded cardboard used to hold juicy burgers and it's even patented by Burger Fuel. Once you folded it together, it formed this little cup, so you could carefully eat your food without getting your hands too messy. Hmm, I wonder if they make one to hold pizza?

Anyway, each day at the New Zealand show, a few Burger Fuel girls would come over and take our order for their tasty, gourmet burgers, Kumara (sweet potato) fries and sweet milkshakes. Plus, they'd bring over plenty of doofers to keep ourselves clean.

The girls were always very friendly and helpful with their time and on the last day, one of the girls wanted a sketch from Jim, so he knocked out this great Spider-Man sketch on one of the unfolded doofers. Bam, instant comic fan!

With food on the brain now, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and has a great Thanksgiving!


GTJDorris said...

A Jim Lee sketch of Spidey? That's pretty rare. Good stuff. Safe travels, happy Turkey Day, and be well.

DShinobi said...

Awesome!! A Jim Lee Spidey!! That is pretty rare indeed!

Marina said...

I actually wanted a gloomy sketch but Jim wasn't familiar with him so spidey was the next option. He is framed and on my wall now!

patman said...

awesome doofer. and awesome burgerfuel girls. wish the counter staff at the local McDo looked like those :D

meek? said...

Rare indeed! You scored, Marina!

"Doofer." Sounds like an insult I should and will hurl @ one o' my friends. ;] Great invention. Patent that pizza doofer idea, Eddy, before I do! lol! ;]


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