Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ramondelli - New Zealand


This was Livio's second time behind the table and he was doing sketch after sketch for the fans like an old pro.


meek? said...

Wow! I'm feelin' Boba Fett the most. I like how Mr. Ramondelli goes for the full range of value for his sketches. How long, on average, did each take for him to knock out?


Livio said...

Hey Meek,

For the head shots ( like Death) they took maybe an hour. For the torso shots ( like Boba Fett), they probably took like two hours?

Thanks for the kind words!

Casey said...

Hey Livio!
Thanks heaps for the Apocalypse drawing kicks ars!!! am about to get it framed! :P
Hope we catch you back in NZ again sometime will have to save some cash this time for some more bad ass sketches!

Livio said...

Hi Casey,
It was a pleasure! I hope to make it back to NZ in the near future!


meek? said...

Oh fa sho! Yeah, the quality on each looks like it took some time to do. Can't wait to see more from you, sir!