Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cheers, Mate!

[Pictured from top to bottom: Livio Ramondelli, Eddie Nuñez, Jim Lee, JJ Kirby, Sandra Hope and Joel Gomez]


And we're back!

From cave rafting and jumping off a tall building to diving in the Great Barrier Reef and hugging Koala bears, it's been two non-stop weeks for us traveling overseas to New Zealand and Australia for back-to-back conventions thanks to the fine folks at Armageddon Expo! Tons of new faces and places greeting us along the way and we've got all the pictures to prove it!

Keep checking back to see more pics while we get caught up with work, family and sleep!


Victor said...

Nice pics! You're gotten better my friend!

Leigh said...

it was good to see you guys in Melbourne, I hope you all enjoyed your time

Anonymous said...

Is Eddie N hiding a hangover under that hat? Just a wild guess...

Great to meet you guys in Auckland!


Anonymous said...

you guys gonna be at the valley golden apple this saturday?

meek? said...

Welcome back! Are y'all comin' through for NYCC??


Gelatomettista said...

victor: Thanks!
leigh: Thanks Leigh, we all had a great time!
Chelsea: Great to meet you and Richard too!
anonymous: Yes!
meek?: That's the plan!


dezlee: said...

Any chance of coming back in NZ in the future? :D

meek? said...

Thanks, Eddy!


Waiton Fong said...

Aww... good to see you guys rocking the NZ show. Sorry I couldn't make it up to Auckland to catch you guys. Fancy making a trip down to Wellington next time? Cheers. Waiton.

Anonymous said...

How about coming to Christchurch next time?

what I actually want to see most at the moment would be a Jim Lee Gears of War cover! haha

Anonymous said...

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