Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Nuñez


Hello everyone, hope everyone had a good Labor day weekend! I feel like it went by too darn quick :( Anyhoo. I wanted to post up a couple of things I was working on over the weekend.

I wanted to do a Batman/ Joker Piece so after seeing the badass job Carlos did for Game Informer mag I decided to swipe his idea and do my version of the two. On this piece I used Copic markers ( they rock) for the gray tones. I just love the control you get with the brush tip.

The next piece is of Kaneda. I have always been a fan of Otomo and as a kid I loved AKIRA. I never really drew Kaneda much it was always about Tetsuo, so I wanted to take a crack at him. I have to say as simple as Otomos caharacters are, there a pain in the @$$ to get them right.

And last is a pinup of the Batfamily. This one I drew a couple of months after starting here at the studio. This one was supposed to serve as a practice for my phobia of backgrounds. It took me a loooong time to complete, but finally I had to sit down and complete the damn thing.

Btw, if anyone's interested in these pieces, you can contact me here.



John said...

I really dig that batfam pic. How long did that take you (hour-wise)?

Amrinder Singh Nagi said...

batsy-joker piece is really cool.i'l try to interpret this idea too in a different way.

Dan szilagyi said...

Batman pieces are awesome, yay copics!
and the kaneda piece is awesome too, i love movie.
great work!

Art of Jason D said...

All the pictures are badass!!!! really got me pumped up to draw. Thanks for the inspiration.

MARY said...

YEAHH Your drawing of those two are amazing :D I´m trying to draw them fighting too ;)