Monday, September 22, 2008

DC Universe Online Magazines


Wanna know more about the upcoming DC Universe Online game? Well, these three magazines are a great place to start! Each one has enough pics to whet your appetite and gives you the lowdown on what we've been up to lately:

Playstation – 6 pages of concept art and in-game screens

Edge – 8 pages with a Jim Lee Q&A

PC Gamer – 3 pages with a double-sided, fold-out Batman poster

But if that's not enough for ya', you can also join the DC Universe Online MySpace page for all the latest and greatest.

And did I mention Geoff Johns is working on the game too?

UPDATE: Game Informer - 2 page Jim Lee Q&A


Justin Crisostomo said...

This game looks amazing...and its not even at beta!

I played the pre-beta at comic-con not expecting anything, and as someone who has not gamed for years, and never regularly played an MMORPG, i've got to say this game is exactly what i've been hoping for ever since MMORPGs came out.

Thanks so much for doing this, I can't wait.


Andres P. said...

Ooks like DC is out there for blood in the game market. Love the EDGE cover!


Anonymous said...

Not to post off topic, but I am very curious about a piece in the banner up top.

I am interested in any info about the piece third from the left in this banner:

It's a long-haired girl with hip-hugger blue jeans, pointy heels, as well as a furry gray creature on the right.

I can't find any post with this in it. I was hoping to use it as a desktop. =)

And DCU does look amazing. I'm just sick of hearing about it and want to play it already!!!

Marcus said...

You forgot to mention Jim Lee's interview in Game Informer magazine!

Kiara said...

You are fortunate guys that there are magazines being released to give you preview of several games that you would love playing. I hope we can have that kind too here in my place. I often play Download Games, so tips of which one to play is of great help.