Tuesday, May 20, 2008

X Marks the "Spot"


Hello everyone, here is another commission I just finished. Emma Frost is the character this time around. I wanted to do another illo similar to the Scarlet Witch I posted awhile back.

I really dig those ebony pencils, you get the full range of gray tones with just the one pencil. I was originally going to do white on white and indicate everything with core shadows, but thought the giant "X" could be lit up like a 70's Saturday Night Fever thing, then I would be able to light everything with the "X".

Anyhow, Hope you like it, see ya next time, Mike


Marcelo Braga said...

Nice pencil work! Cool liight! Great Emma! Amazing Body! Wonderfull A•• ..well, hehe, it's great!

Dingo said...

So wite so elegant So!!!!
She lets me without words.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is....WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!!WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!!

Wow, that is incredible. The detail to the shading is beautiful and I must say that I have been a fan for quite awhile and every picture I see definitely points to you getting better and better each time.

Heck, your work now makes me want to put down my Voodoo/Zealot book that you did. That poor thing is so worn. LOL.

GTJDorris said...

I really like the shading/lighting effects you did on this, particularly I think you did her hands very well. The back of her hands in those white gloves, but they still appear in shadows as they are backlit. Seems extremely challenging to even conceptualize that, let alone nail it with your pencil. Cool stuff!

Michael Lopez said...

Thanks a lot for the comments, I try to make the most out of the commissions(shading and all) while still keeping the composition pretty simple.

Jason Johnson said...


Aaron Turon said...

Really great sir! I love how you did the lighting and the anatomy rocks!