Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wonder Women


Hey yall's, hows it goin? Here is a double page commission I finished last month of Wonder Woman and old school Donna Troy vs. Circe. It was my biggest piece to date and I had a lot of fun drawing these three strong, sexy characters battling it out.

Hope you like:)


Richard said...

wow NO posts?

come on this piece is KILLER.

Nice one Oliver.



SCBD said...

Nice to see Donna and Diana in action together!

Too often, splash pages of this type seem static and lifeless, with the characters in conflict looking like so many mannequins posed alongside one another. This piece is a happy exception to that rule -- there's a real sense of motion and violence of action to the artwork.

It seems like Oliver is always trying to push the envelope with his commission work -- and that, IMHO, is very, very cool.

Brandon O'Donnell said...

Have to agree, looks awesome.

meek? said...

DAAAMN! I wish you took over the Dodsons so I could keep a Gail Simone book on my pull list.

This is one o' my Nome faves now.