Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maleficent Joker

entry ricH

I'd been drawing a lot of I guess serious and pretty time consuming stuff lately...I wanted to cut loose and just do something fun. It's weird because I'd also been drawing a lot of girls lately so I was rebeling against that I think to some degree as well....

so you get....Maleficent...meets the Joker. (It really wasn't supposed to be the Joker) but I'd been showing some 'works in progress' scans last night and I had a few people say "hey that's the Joker"

works for's just the same scary guy face I always draw.


sort of a 'Friday Night Monster sketch' (for you old school bloggers here)...and's only Wednesday.




AnimatorArtist said...

Rich,looks great. The texture feel to the drawing is fantastic. Keep on drawing, your drawings are getting better and better.

Richard said...


I like the mouth on this the best. His headdress thing sort of turned out cool too.

It was just a test. I never worked on that paper before.

I didn't even do a value piece which was it was sort of pointless other than it added some color.

I like the's got some potential/