Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WWLA '08 - Pics!


Thanks to everyone who came out for the show! Conventions are a great way to put names to faces and really hear what fans think, so it's great to have that one-on-one experience no matter how short it may be. Not to mention all the shopping!

And for everyone stuck at home, here's a quick look at the names and faces I ran into at the show. From top to bottom: JJ Kirby, Michael Lopez, Joel Gomez, Oliver Nome, Alex Sinclair, Ryan Benjamin, Alé Garza, Joe Madureira and Dustin Nguyen.

Next stop, New York!


A.K.A. Kong said...

Wow Gears of War peeps... Am i right... I mean Halo and Star Wars and Star Trek are cool but GOW really takes a nerd license to pull off.. lol. Just kidding, looks fun. Thanks for posting the pics, it's a refreshing diversion for us in the 9-8pm world of car sales like myself dealing with customer after customer who has bad credit and no clue, kinda like some crazy alien plague only fathomed by Gene Roddenberry's inner mind. Please post more pics of the fun and entertaining world that comics shines on the the world. Lord knows the world needs Comics more than comics needs the world! lol.

Fabrizio said...

You're really too cool!
I miss such cons in italy


Richard said...

cool pics Eddy.

Dustin is my favorite. he's the cute one.


looks like a cool show...and Joe Mad too.




Richard said...

oh yeah. Those Gears of War costumes are DOPE!!


Tiffany said...

Oh wow! That's so kool, I didn't know you were on blogspot. ^^

Luke said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Hoping to see you in NY!

Kris Carter said...

Hey who's making out to Nycomicon? Are you guys going to show us East Coasters some love or what. Plus I want to bug you guys for work. Damn I want to work for Wildstorm...

captain spalding said...

I wish i could have been there

James said...

Will the folks at Wildstorm (especially Jim Lee) be doing sketches at the NY Comic Con?


a.k.a long kong, i totally agree with you the world does need comics than comics needing the world

fab: dude, save some scratch and fly over man!

richie: no dussbuster is the goofy lookin' one j/k duss don't have a hissy fit (get off! no, you let it go no! you first no! you first yada yada yada, snap out of it man, really j/k i keed i keed)

you guys had to be there, it was unreal, what a woman but that's the past it's all good now

love ya duss :) your ART RULZ!!!

tiff: richard (and the other richard :)) and eddy are always here go search around their at many blogs

eddy also has his own place at youtube too

captain my captain: me too :(

james: there is always sketches done at a con(vention) sometimes for free and sometimes like adam hughes which cost a buttload and some running to get on his list, first-come-first-served

and if you don't know who AH! is... for shame (shakes head)