Monday, March 03, 2008

First Love Rocket!


Back in the day, I wanted to come up with a speedster in a slick bodysuit. One of those frictionless ones that would be propelled by a rocket jetpack on her back. And as beautiful and sexy as she was, I also wanted her to be vulnerable, like the Charlie Brown of the super-hero set. She'd be the constant underdog with problems just like everybody else, but she always tries to overcome them.

She'd also be a radio dj by day, to be a part of the people and because I've always thought of them as invisible rock stars. You don't know what they look like, but you hear them everyday. They're familiar, but not recognizable.

So I wanted to convey all of that in this one scene. It's the first time I put her on paper too and right out of my sketchbook.

Just your friendly, neighborhood super-hero posing as a beautiful gargoyle by night.


Ken said...

I can't wait for New Dynamix #1 to drop tomorrow! I just picked up your whole Backlash run a few weeks ago in anticipation of New Dynamix so now I feel like I'm all read up on Quentin and am ready to see what he's doing nowadays. And I really like what I've seen of Love Rocket from that preview, she's got a great sleek visual design and I love the whole SF DJ "voice of the streets" aspect.

I'm sorry I missed seeing you at WonderCon (I actually missed WonderCon entirely, opting instead to just hit up the Darwyn Cooke party at the Isotope on Saturday night.) but hopefully you will be at SF Pride again this year so I can get all my New Dynamix signed and maybe even get a sketch this time if I can actually make up my mind as to which character I want. ;)

Ken Kneisel

carbonknight said...

Fun Stuff!!!

Raphael said...

that's awesome. i'd definitely buy it if you made it into a book :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture JJ. I really like the character and the way you describe her makes her seem more realistic then the way most super-heroes are written these days.
Very cool and I can't wait till your book hits the stands. :D

Catie said...

Oh, she's awesome. :)

Fabrizio said...