Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All Time Favorite!


Check out this fun WonderCon video by my All Time Favorite Artist David Williams!



Ken said...

I missed seeing David Williams at WonderCon too! I wanted to get my Supreme: Glory Days signed by him. That's a pretty funny video.

Oh well, hopefully he will be there next year and hopefully by then he will have drawn more new stuff for me to get signed.

Ken Kneisel

Jason Johnson said...

Who is this JJ character? Rings a bell...just messin' with ya homey. Funny, funny. :P

The Dude said...


J0hnny Mn3m0nic said...

Hey JJ! i remember that, my girlfriend was right next to you. Maybe i should throw up a vid of her selling some of your prints while you were at the DC booth ;)

Urban Barbarian said...

If Dave wasn't so shy he would be even more popular!

Great video! I wonder what he has in store for SDCC...?

patman said...

alex nino is tops!


funny :)

williams is da bomb!!!

i mean... scott williams :)