Friday, March 21, 2008

"Death Blows, Mistah Cray...Death Blows."


Hey, waddup Y'alls?!? how's it goin'? that the last issue of Deathblow has come out and the story is complete, I just wanted to give a BIG 'Thank You' to those of you who supported the series from the start, and took the crazeeee ride with Azzarello and I;


I gotta say, had you told me in my 'fanboy-tender-years' that I'd get the chance to draw Deathblow AND get to do it with Brian Azzarello, I would have told you you were smoking CRACK!!! BUT as often seems to happen, reality is stranger than fiction.

....then, if you told me I was gonna do Deathblow fighting "a$$-rocket-shooting-mutant-rats" while wielding "laser-shooting-rats", AND dukin' it out with a "Half-Dinosaur-half-man-half-robot" with weird fetishes... I mean, C'MON!!!

I can truly say that having done this Deathblow series for the past couple years has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career, and I will truly miss Michael Cray, Jump, and Mr. Jiminy (damn you Brian, why'd you have to kill him?!? WHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?) Mr. Azzarello, thank YOU for giving me such a damn crazy story to draw, I hope we can do it again soon...

..and well, to all of you who shelled out your hard earned cash to buy the issues (^_^)

thank you very much,

Carlos D'Anda


EricCallen said...

Thanx Carlos for helping bring back my fave WS character!

Does that last issue imply what I think it does?

Is Cray the catalyst for everything we saw/heard about in the Armegeddon series?

Looking forward to EVERYTHING that's coming up from you guys at the 'storm!!

mike choi said...

Dude... I was waiting for the trade...

Did you just totally spoil it? :(

Stuff's looking good sir.

John said...

Carlos, you're a champ. This book was great

Carlitos said...

... thank you all very much.... hope you dug the story, and Mike, it's all good Dude, you should check it out, that wasn't much of a spoiler :)

take care,


Fabrizio said...

Your stuff on Deathblow was so cool! I'm sorry it finished...

See ya


A.K.A. Kong said...

Damn... dog... damn....

EricCallen said...

Yeah... not much of a spoiler.

More like an observation/question.

So I guess the answer's "no" and there was no point to this 9 issue story...


or was there?!


Guess I'll have ta keep reading!

(Like there was ever a doubt...)

Thanx for this blog, 'stormers!

drillsrgnt said...

Looks like the bag is giving birth. Disgusting!!!!!!!

Fogger said...

CARLOS! Can't wait to see you in NYC, man.


sup eric!!! nice new avatar, so that's what you look like :)-

rock on man

yeah dude, thankx big time for this blog, it's a total shizzstorm

the bag giving birth!? FTW!?

ewwwwwwwwwwwww MY EYES! MY EYES!!!!