Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Superman Returns in Missoula, Montana


Aside from my upcoming appearance at the first ever New York Comic Con next weekend and the WizardWorld LA and Philly shows in March and early June, respectively, I am thrilled to announce that I will be appearing at Muse Comics in late June the weekend Superman Returns opens. Once I know the exact release date of the movie, I can confirm the exact time and date of the store appearance but it will be the Friday the weekend the much anticipated movie hits the multiplexes.

Now I have been to North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Iowa and Washington but never had the pleasure of visiting the Big Sky state. So this should be an adventure and really, that's what comic book store signings are all about. On the prod with me will be Ale Garza and if we can corral Carlos D'Anda and other WildStormers into coming, we'll have a regular hoe-down. Ale is most excited about wearing cowboy hats and doing karoake. I just want to drive where there's no speed limit.

If any other Montanans know what the locals do for fun, please feel free to comment below. We want to make this one special.

Anyway, for those not in the know, Muse Comics is a highly regarded, forward thinking retailer located on 2100 Stephens (#107 to be exact) in Missoula which I hear is one of the happening-est cities in the Big MT. So if yer close, drop on in and book early; should be a wild one.


MissleMan said...

I have some friends there in Ol' Missoula, he told me they just got their first traffic light… kidding, I will let them know your coming, and if they give me any suggestions on fun I'll let you know.

Neo said...

Hi JIm
I did a digital oil portrait of you back over at the artofjimlee website. Hope you like it. A thankyou present from me for the Wolverine sketch you did for me in Bristol, here's the link:

Jon Tsuei said...

Nothing says Superman to me like Montana, hehe. Just wanted to thank you Jim for taking the time out to sign and sketch at Wondercon when you had no obligations to do so. Always a class act you Wildstormers are, I'll see you at NYCC.

Russ Sheath said...

I'm tempted to come over from the UK. I sure hope Superman Returns is going to be as great as we all hope. Will we be seeing lots of Jim Lee Superman pieces around the time of the release date?

meek? said...

Yeah, Jim! Just wanted to say thanks for representin' @ WonderCon! Great great surprise. Definitely says a lot when you were pullin' in waaay more visitors than the porno chicks right next to y'all. ;] You were smothered and bombarded w/ sketchbook requests, but all good. Got to see you work on one over someone's shoulder and it was awesome.


Scott E. Amundson said...

Mr. Lee,

Would you mind if I send you some funny scripts to read just for fun. You can use anything you want or not. I hereby give up all legal rights to anything I send to you. My email is Hope to hear from you.


Sagar said...

hey Jim,

Are you going to be there all three days of the NY convention?

NY Comedy Bling said...

see you in NY!

hopefully i can meet some of you gelatto-mofos

purorey said...

Hi Jim,
Are you and your crew planning to do any signings here in your home turf of San Diego beside Comic Con?


Alan Quah said...

Jim, i'll be flying all over to NY all the way from Malaysia. Hope to get to meet you and maybe can get you to sign on the inks i did for your inking challenge last year...

Alan Quah

RichardFriend said...

"Jim, i'll be flying all over to NY all the way from Malaysia."


Now that's a true fan.

Guido said...

Hello from Montana!

Here are a few dos and don'ts for when visitng:

1. DO drive carefully. There IS a speed limit of 75 up here.

2. DON'T wear cowboy hats. If you would like to wear a little one, please wear it as a chic--albeit somewhat outdated--fashion accessory.

3. DO expect to see hippies when in Missoula.

4. DON'T be disappointed when the real place doesn't look like the commercials. We're not all hicks up here! I'm sure you can find a "hoe-down" somewhere, but only if you REALLY want to.

Thanks for even thinking of visiting! I'm in Great Falls, but I'll gladly drive three or so hours to see JIM LEE!

P.S. June is a good time to visit. The high temperature for today is supposed to be about -7 degrees (F)!

Matt Forbeck said...

Hi Jim!

I spent about eight hours in Missoula once. Driving back to Ann Arbor from the NCAA playoffs in Seattle in '89 (Michigan won in double overtime that year), I hit a deer about 35 miles west of town and had to get towed in. Once I got to the garage, the guys there told me it would take a minium of three days to get a new radiator, as there weren't any Mazda dealerships in Missoula.

Then one of them had a brainstorm. They called up a friend who repo'd cars, and he'd taken a Mazda in for a bank just that week. He swiped the car from the bank parking lot and brought it over to the garage. The mechanics pulled the radiator from the repo'd car and put it in my machine, and we were on the road straight away.

So, I didn't get to see a whole lot of the town, but I found the people there to be friendly, clever, and helpful.

rez said...

Missoula is a great town. If you get the chance while you're there, go to The Bridge and order the Evil Jungle Prince. Good stuff. Looking forward to seeing you at Muse.