Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just for laughs

Just for laughs Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Been messing around with Photoshop recently and did this quick Joker face entirely on the computer just for kicks.

Inspired by our own master colorist /artist /painter /monk /guru Scott Iwahashi, we (Carlos, Ale and I) have all been monkeying around with computer color with really mixed results. It's always frustrating learning anything new...Scott makes it look so easy when we look over his shoulder...then we take our turn in the seat and it's a mess.

But we will overcome.

Stay tuned.


meek? said...

Madness!! :D Wouldn't have guessed this was an experimental thing for you if you hadn't mentioned it. Looks profo! The digital mark-making is too sick w/ it.

The skills kill me, Jim!! This was done on tablet I presume? If it was by mouse, consider my head blown to bits.


Peter said...

your should "expierment" some more :)

Inkblotz said...

As a aspiring colorist I am amazed.

Very cool stuff soon you will just be drawing stright to computer and in color and put all us (aspiring)color artists out of work ;)

.just.a.ghost. said...
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.just.a.ghost. said...

Jim you amaze me every time I look your way. No matter what your media, your tops!


DC said...

Just for laughs eh? I wish my stuff looked like that on my best in the zone day.

I have one of the Wacom tablets, dropped almost $400 on it and I almost never use it... time to dust it off.

patman said...

great stuff, jim. better not get too great with digital painting as we might miss your pencils if you go straight on the computer.

look at the work, it seems that you still approached it as as if it were drawing on pencils using a Wacom tablet. can you tell us more about the process?

Anonymous said...