Monday, February 06, 2006

The Courageous Commandors

The Courageous Commandors Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Clearing out some out boxes this weekend and came across this "gem." Thirty years ago, some 11 year old aspiring comic book artist kid drew fictional splash pages for fictional comics that never materialized (no cracks from the peanut gallery about how the trend continues >= / heh). I just had fun creating the characters.

The Courageous Commandors were created pre-Star Wars and reflect a lot of my love for Neal Adams' work on the X-Men although anyone would be hardpressed to see that. I was also a big fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes and as you can tell from the header...these 3 characters were the leaders of their own subteams.

I think this particular group had 20 or 30 characters in total. Some of the names are blurred out as they are made up writers based on names of some friends at the time. There weren't a lot of us into comics at the time so it was always a chore filling out the credits to make it seem like it was a real team effort just like in the 'real comics.'

As a hoot, time presenting itself, I will redraw this shot in my current style and adult sensibilities.

Here's a closer look for some sheets and grins for those masochists out there.


fotiboss said...

Beh che dire è bellissimo rivedere i disegni di quando si era bambini, veramente divertente. Di sicuro la versione "current style" sarà spettacolare ma non avrà la stessa magia di quella originale!
Grande Jim!

Ah spero di essere alla convention di New York a fine mese, farò il possibile.

Choisez said...

The guy at the bottom kinda reminds me of an early Spartan, heh.

And I like how you were even aware of the bi-monthly schedule back then too.

Look forward to seeing "The Courageous Commandors" in your current style!


Tempest said...
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Tempest said...

I think I have about 300 pages of drawings like this from when I was the same age. I wonder if they are burried in my parents basement?

Good times Jim!
Glad to know you wern't always a superstar!

Chris said...

This gives me hope to be a big name in comics some day... :)

Thx Jim!

Chris Neoth

MissleMan said...


meek? said...

My smile is touchin' from ear to ear. :D Frickin' awesome! Can't wait to see the redraw, Mr. Jim Yong Lee.

Why were the writer and lettererererer blurred? :D


antonio said...

Hey Mr. Jim Yong Lee...thank you for sharing this stuff that is so personal.
Thanks ang funny to see your early early early early work....hahhaha
Best to you


DBack25 said...

I'd like To see you redo this page in your new style. That would be sweet.

Jon Tsuei said...

Maybe it just wasnt picked up in the scan but is that guy on the left getting his arm vaporized, leaving only his hand floating in mid air? =P

Fun times, looking forward to that re-draw.

raph said...

it's really cool of you to share your old drawings like this. i think my favorite thing about this site is seeing the original sketches that all of you put up from time to time and what your thoughts are about them :)

can't wait to see the new version!

ncsunruh said...

I think its great you just posted this. Watch the redrawing get picked up for a real comic. haha

Dances_With_Zombies said...

This drawing rocks!!

Can't wait to see it 're-imagined'

Go JIM!!

spinkick said...

Jim, can't wait to see them re-created! Hope you can hit it soon...


jock said...

you are the best 'colorer' in the business jim - kudos!

and yeah, i'd love to see what you do with it now...(in your huge amounts of spare time.)

hope all is well


NY Comedy Bling said...


hahahahahaha that yellow thing in the air looks like a... ok

Neo said...

Hey Jim
I'm just amazed that you still have these pieces! Great of you to share it. I remember drawing a pic of The Beast (original) and iceman at a friends house..wish I still had it :-(
You were definetly born to be a pro artist Jim.

kwanechang said...

this is my first i hope i did this right....
first off.....nice piece. its really nice (seriously)....i like little stuf like this..... im sure most of us can remember doing the same thing....i know i did....the two things i want to know it finished in ink or marker? :-).. and how do i buy this piece ?


DC said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing. Never knew your Korean name until now.