Monday, January 14, 2008

The Righteous Defender


This is Black Halo, my alter ego. My absence from comics also reflects where he's coming from in his life for the story.

I love super hero team books. FUN love and flavor are what I'm reppin' and I was curious about the going ons of some of the other WildStorm Universe characters, so I whipped it all together and freshed out the New Dynamix for the people like me.

Still a fan of the American mythos :) I hope you like.

peace until then.


Brandon O'Donnell said...

Nice work. I love his huge sideburns.

Jon said...

Lookin' good man! Can't wait for you return to the funny books. I still have very fond memories of your stint on Backlash.

Ah memories :)

A.K.A. Kong said...


punisher said...


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Anonymous said...

Love it JJ. Yeah the sideburns give it away that it's your super alter ego. :D
Can't wait for the new book to hit and hopefully soon you will have some free time for another commission. Promise, it won't be Goldberg this time. LOL


damn kirbz you pullin' some new shapes there, nice!

i'm with jon on that backlash stint, it was da mad flavor